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I can be the best of both worlds.. girly yet independent, dreamy yet serious.. I'm not hard to deal with actually, but i'm not the most laid-back girl either but then again for some reasons I get abit wacky.. I'm very hard to predict most of the time, one moment i feel like i'm in my own happy universe and the next thing i know I'm on a bad trip to my own personal hell:))

Monday, March 15, 2010

ayoko pa sana gumradwate.

mapipigilan ko ba ang panahon. mas masarap daw mag-aral sabi nila! oh no! April 5 graduation na namin at magiging isa na kong unlicensed beterinaryo. i'm proud of myself! hahaa weee after 6 years in college! =) With God, eveything is possible. TY Bro!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog test.

im loving this. i got rid of facebook. it's official =)) cos i got so fed up with it eating up my time,, always making me feel a useless crap at the end of day.. So there i passed on my FB password to my brother,,changed it and voila! i'm a stranger to my own account. i love the ideaa!! cos i desperately need to focuss on my board review! this August! (but I'm still updating through Yahoo notifications. heehee..)